All children have the right to a safe and good school and kindergarten environment that promotes health, well-being and learning.

The Norwegian School Environment Law

Chapter 9A of The Norwegian Education Act states that every child has the right to a safe learning environment. 

The law is clear on both duty and consequences if a school fails to follow up on bullying. 

Chapter 9A contains: 

  • an individual’s right to a good physical and psychosocial environment
  • a duty for the school to work systematically to promote the health, environment and safety of the pupils
  • a duty to act for all employees in a school if they suspect or are informed that a pupil does not have a safe school environment
  • mechanism for complaint if the school doesn’t fulfil the duty to act

What do I do if my child is bullied in school?

Immediately notify your child's teacher or the school's head teacher about the situation. The school has 5 working days to assure you that they are addressing the issue. 

Typically, the school will invite you to a meeting or contact you via e-mail or phone to get details about the situation. They will talk to your child and make sure he or she gets a say in the efforts taken to stop the bullying. 

What is an action plan (aktivitetsplan)?

According to Chapter 9A, the school must create an action plan when a child is bullied. The plan should address which measures the school is taking in order to end the bullying, who is responsible, and how the efforts should be evaluated. 

What if the situation does not improve?

If bullying persists despite the school's efforts, it means that the efforts stated in the action plan are insufficient. You can either ask for another meeting to address the issue, or state a complaint to the County Governor. 

The complaint can be filed online. (Norwegian form only)

What do I do if my child is bullied in kindergarten?

Write an appeal to the head pre-school teacher where you address the following: 

1. Your child's name and date of birth

2. Write a short description of your child's situation. Here are some questions you can use: 

  • Does the child enjoy being in kindergarten?
  • What does the child say at home?
  • Does the child have friends?
  • Does the child seem to feel safe and thrive? 
  • Does the child tell stories about fun and happy activities and experiences?  
  • Does the staff seem concerned with how the child is doing? 

3. Ask for a meeting to discuss what the kindergarten must do in order for your child to feel included and happy. This should be formalized in a written action plan and evaluated after a few weeks. 

Can I discuss my case with Mobbeombudet?

Mobbeombudet can be contacted by both parents and students. It is optional to state the name of the school, and you have a right to confidentiality. 

You can discuss your case in English or Norwegian. Mobbeombudet can also provide a translator for other languages. 

Does Mobbeombudet cover private schools and kindergartens?

Yes, Mobbeombudet is the anti-bullying ombudsman for children and students in both public and private kindergartens and schools in Oslo municipality. 

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